Deck Covers

In Colorado, without a custom deck cover, the sun can cause outdoor living spaces to become uncomfortably hot.  Many of our customers choose to add deck covers over all or just a portion of their deck.  This allows them to enjoy the outdoors, even on the hottest days of the year.  DBS can extend your roofline so that the new cover appears to be an original part of the house.
As you can see from the pictures below, a deck cover can also become a significant design element.  By adding some of the following features, customers have created some unique and inviting outdoor living spaces.
  • Adding ceiling lights, recessed or dropped, not only provide lighting for evening get-togethers, but also add a lot of personality to your space.
  • Tongue and groove ceilings add a very distinctive look to your cover.
  • Ceiling fans not only provide light in most cases, but on those warm summer days, they help move the air and make it a very comfortable area to enjoy the weather.
  • Dropdown-shades will help block the sun, but they can also provide privacy.

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