Various Designs for Custom Decks

When planning out your new custom deck, there are a number of designs, patterns, and styles to choose from.  Below are a few of the more popular ideas.

  • 45-Degree Decking – the deck boards run at a 45-degree angle to the joists.
  • 90-Degree Decking – the deck boards run in the opposite direction to the joists.
  • Picture Frame Design – a single board runs around the perimeter of the deck.  Usually the perimeter boards are a different color than the decking boards to create a contrast.
  • Double Picture Frame Design – consists of two boards running around the perimeter of the deck.
  • End Boards – boards are placed at each end of the deck, running perpendicular to the decking.
  • Dividing Deck Boards – also known as Breaker Boards.  They are dividing boards that separate the length of the deck and are placed perpendicular to the decking boards.
  • Multiple Board Angles – utilizing boards in multiple angles results in striking designs, such as a herringbone pattern.

With such a wide range of choices in materials, color, stain, and design, Decks by Schmillen can help ensure you get the custom built deck design you wish to achieve.

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Different Decking Designs

The  following pictures all show decks that are laid at a 45 degree angle to the joists.  There are also additional features shown and noted below each photo.

The next set of pictures are decks that were laid at a 90 degree angle, and some of the many additional features that are available.

Herringbone design and multi-angled decks are shown below.

Miscellaneous items to consider during the design phase of your deck.