Bakers Farm

Amazing Composite Deck with Custom Railing & Dry Space


Our customers had an existing but small deck.  They loved the outdoor space but wanted a much larger, more comfortable area where they could entertain.  Going through the design process, the homeowners decide on a straight-line (90-degrees), Fiberon Ipe composite deck built on a long lasting, durable, galvanized steel deck frame.  The divider boards give the deck a refined look while eliminating butt-seams.  In addition, the owners wanted a modern, non-obstructive railing.  Working with them, we designed a clean-looking, metal and stainless steel cable railing system.  We also built a wide, open stairway that allows the owners to access another outdoor living area built under the deck.  this area was created by installing a Trex RainEscape system with a Colorado beetle-kill pine (also known as Blue Stain pine), tongue and groove ceiling.  To add to the ambiance of the lower area, we installed recessed can lights and a swing for the owners’ enjoyment.


Old deck before demolition

BF Before – The homeowners had this older, smaller deck and wanted to upgrade in order to create a larger, comfortable outdoor living space.

Fiberon Ipe composite deck built on a galvanized steel deck frame

BF 1 – This deck was built with Fiberon Ipe composite decking on a long-lasting, durable, galvanized steel deck frame.  The steel deck frame has a Class 1A fire rating, which is desired in Colorado.

Custom designed metal and stainless steel, horizontal cable railing.

BF 2 – This custom designed railing is metal in oil-rubbed bronze with horizontal, stainless-steel cables.  It creates a sleek, modern look while also allowing the deck to seem more open.

Trex RainEscape system installed under elevated deck

BF 3 – DBS installed a Trex RainEscape system under the deck to provide the homeowners with another outdoor living area that is useable in the rain.  The ceiling is a tongue and groove, Beetle-kill Pine with recessed lighting.

Fiberon Ipe composite deck with divider boards to avoid butt-seams and custom designed railing.

BF 4 – The customers designed their new outdoor living space using Fiberon Ipe composite with single dividing boards to avoid butt-seams, and a custom, metal and cable railing.

Elevated composite deck with custom deck railing. Trex RainEscape system added

BF 5 – By adding the Trex RainEscape system under the elevated deck, the customers were able to double their outdoor living space.  The wide, open staircase allows the homeowners to access the additional entertaining space under the deck.

Adding a Trex RainEscape system under an elevated deck creates even more outdoor living space.

BF-6 – This Trex RainEscape system was installed with a Colorado beetle-kill pine tongue and groove ceiling under the steel frame. Stucco columns were built to match the house.