Steel Deck Framing is a Great Option for Custom Decks

Galvanized steel deck frame

If you are going to invest in a long-lasting, custom deck, invest in a long-lasting steel deck frame.


Create a strong, straight, flat, and safe (Class 1A fire rated) frame with steel deck framing.  Pressure treated lumber has changed: old growth to new growth, treating process and unpredictable characteristics of the lumber.  Sometimes the lumber is extremely wet or dry, which can change the dimensions.  When and how it dries can cause shrinking, warping, and twisting.  These characteristics can be eliminated by using a Galvanized Steel Deck Frame

Benefits of Steel Deck Framing

  • Longer span allows for fewer posts and less obstructed views
  • Straighter = no warping
  • Consistent dimensions mean a level and flat finished surface
  • Non-combustible material has a Class 1A fire rating
  • Rot and termite proof steel will last much longer than wood
  • Very little waste.  The steel is delivered to the job site pre-cut.

Click on images below to view larger…

Powder coated steel deck framing before decking material is laid

1 – Building a custom-designed deck with powder-coated steel deck framing. 

Powder coated metal deck framing as seen from below the deck

2 – The underside of a deck framed with powder-coated steel.

Powder coated steel deck framing as seen from below

3 – Powder-coated steel deck framing will also help reduce glare on elevated decks.

Galvanized metal deck framing as seen from under the deck

4 – The underside of a composite deck framed with galvanized steel.

Steel framed deck done in composite material with gabled deck cover.

5 – This beautiful, covered deck was built with a galvanized metal deck frame.

Two elevated decks, both have steel deck framing.

6 – These two elevated decks were built using a galvanized steel deck frame.

Metal deck frame that is ready for composite decking to be installed

7 – This galvanized steel deck frame is ready to have the composite decking boards installed.

elevated composite deck with steel deck frame

8 – This elevated composite deck with stairs and a landing was built with a steel deck frame for strength and longevity.

Close up view of how a steel framed deck is connected.

9 – This is a close-up showing how a steel-framed deck is connected.

Steel framed deck stairs

10 – This staircase was framed in powder-coated steel, creating a set of stairs that will be strong and durable.

Steel framed elevated deck

11 – A composite deck framed with powder-coated steel.