Custom Hardwood Decks in Colorado Springs


Is there anything more attractive than the rich variations in color and character of hardwood?  With many different types of hardwoods available, you have choices in durability and maintenance.  Certain hardwoods have some of the highest fire ratings for wood.  Much like all decking, not all wood materials are created equal.

Decks by Schmillen has done the research and has the knowledge to help you understand the difference and can assist in making the best decision in finding functional, elegant, and cost effective solution for your outdoor living space.

Custom designed cumaru hardwood deck creates a gorgeous area for outdoor entertaining

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Old Redwood deck that is being torn down.

Before 1 – The homeowners decided to do a full exterior remodel on their home.  This Redwood deck was to be removed and replaced.

Cumaru hardwood deck with single dividing board. Custom railing with metal horizontal rods.

After 1 – Working with the owners, we designed and built this deck with Cumaru hardwood laid at 90-degrees to the joists with a single divider board to avoid butt-seams.  The railing is a ViewRail Onyx system featuring 1/4″ horizontal rods.

Old concrete patio that is dated and in poor repair that will be replaced with a custom hardwood deck.

Before 2 – Our customers purchased their home with this dated concrete patio in the backyard.  They wanted to remove it and create a beautiful spot for outdoor entertaining.

Custom designed cumaru hardwood deck creates a gorgeous area for outdoor entertaining

After 2 – DBS built this gorgeous Cumaru hardwood deck with a single, wraparound stair in place of the concrete patio.  We installed Genesis step lights from HighPoint Deck Lighting on the stair riser for lighting at night.

Gorgeous hardwood deck in Cumaru (Brazilian Teak) with metal and wood railing.

3 – This gorgeous hardwood deck was built using Cumaru hardwood, sometimes referred to as Brazilian Teak. It is a popular hardwood because of its strength and resistance to termites and other dry wood borers. The owners chose to use a white stain for the fascia and step risers to contrast the rich, brown color of the deck.

Hardwood deck with custom built outdoor cooking area.

4 – This custom deck was built with Tigerwood hardwood.  We also installed an stone cooking area with grill, countertop, and a backsplash that was specifically designed to evoke the Colorado mountains.

Custom hardwood deck built with Tigerwood and a wood and metal baluster railig

5 – Tigerwood is unlike other hardwoods because of its coloring.  Here you can clearly see the many shade variations and how they add warmth and a unique flair to the deck.

Deck stairs built with Tigerwood hardwood and a 90-degree turn landing.

6 – We built a staircase with a 90-degree turn landing for the elevated Tigerwood deck.  The step treads, landing, and drink cap on the railing are all Tigerwood.  The railing is white stained wood with round metal balusters in matte black.

Tigerwood hardwood deck with railing featuring round metal balusters and a Tigerwood drink cap.

7 – Another hardwood deck built with Tigerwood.  This one includes a railing with wood components, round metal balusters, and a Tigerwood drink cap.

Brazilian Redwood deck with the boards laid at 45-degrees. The metal panel railing system is attached to wood posts

8 – DBS built this custom hardwood deck using Massaranduba, also known as Brazilian Redwood.  It is a hard, heavy wood that is very resistant to decay and termites.  In addition, we added a railing system using wood posts and metal rail panels.

Custom hardwood deck built with Brazilian Redwood decking laid at a 45-degree angle.

9 – This beautiful, custom hardwood deck is built with Brazilian Redwood (Massaranduba), with the boards laid at a 45-degree angle to the joists.

Front entry stairway built with Brazilian Redwood hardwood.

10 – The entry stairs to this home are built with Brazilian Redwood, or Massaranduba. The finished product resulted in a rich color that the customers adore.

Cumaru hardwood deck with custom built wood railing featuring cut out panels.

11 – Our customers wanted a custom deck built with Cumaru, also known as Brazilian Teak, partly because they loved the variety of color shading in the wood.  They also designed the custom wood railing that we built for them.

Ground level hardwood deck built using Brazilian Walnut.

12 – This ground-level deck, as well as the bench, were built using Brazilian Walnut.  The railing has wood components, round metal balusters, and a drink cap in the Brazilian Walnut.

custom hardwood deck in Cumaru with the boards laid at 90-degrees.

13 – A beautiful, custom deck built using Cumaru hardwood decking laid at a 90-degree angle to the joists.

Hardwood deck built using Ipe wood. The railing and a custom bench were also built from Ipe.

14 – A custom, hardwood deck built using Ipe, which is a Brazilian hardwood that is naturally mold, pest, and water-resistant.  We also added a snow fence railing and custom-made bench.

Custom-designed wrought iron spiral staircase with Cumaru hardwood treads.

15 – The homeowners wanted to add this custom-built spiral staircase to their deck.  We used Cumaru hardwood for the step treads.  In this picture, the boards have not been stained yet.

Cumaru hardwood deck with stucco columns and redwood snow fence railing

16 – A beautiful, custom hardwood deck built with Cumaru. We also added a snow fence style Redwood railing that is anchored by stucco columns.

A picture in a picture showing a hardwood deck before and after it has been refinished.

17 – This is what a hardwood deck looks like before it is refinished and after the refinish and staining are complete.

Hardwood deck in the process of being restored. Part is cleaned and you can see how much dirt is still left on the deck

18 – During a deck refinish, we clean the wood.  This picture shows a section of the deck that has been cleaned vs a side that has not been cleaned.  Proper care and maintenance are very important in keeping a wood or hardwood deck looking beautiful!