Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces

Covered, composite deck with a custom designed and built stucco, wood-burning fireplace.

What comes to mind when you think of building your dream deck? For many people, it consists of creating an outdoor living space that’s as comfortable and welcoming as the interior of their home.

Fireplaces and firepits create a comforting ambiance when sitting on your deck at night, especially on cooler nights. There are multiple options, depending on your vision. For example, we can install wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces, firepits, etc.

Outdoor kitchens and cooking areas allow you to entertain on your custom deck without hiding in the kitchen while cooking. We can design and build everything from enclosed grills/cooking areas all the way up to a complete outdoor kitchen.

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Outdoor Fireplaces

Wood-burning, stone fireplace on a covered deck.

1 – This custom stone, wood-burning fireplace features a mangle, hearth, and topper.  In addition, the owners added a vaulted deck cover with a tongue and groove ceiling.

Covered, composite deck with a custom-built wood-burning stucco fireplace.

2 – Our customers created their dream composite deck with a tongue and groove ceiling cover. We also built this custom-designed, wood-burning stucco fireplace with a hearth and two areas for storing wood.

Covered, composite deck with a double-sided gas fireplace.

3 – Working with the homeowners, DBS designed and built this covered composite deck with a double-sided gas fireplace.  This allows the owners to enjoy their outdoor living space even on chilly nights.

Composite deck with a stone, gas fireplace

4 – This covered, composite deck features a custom stone, gas fireplace.

Redwood deck with a stone, wood-burning fireplace.

5 – DBS built this custom Redwood deck with a stone, wood-burning fireplace.

Covered deck with a stucco fireplace in one corner.

6 – Helping the owners create their dream space, we built this gas fireplace into the corner of the stucco half-walls.

Composite deck with large, glass windbreak on one end to protect a sitting area with a firepit.

7 – The homeowners designed this glass-walled seating area with a firepit taking center stage.

Custom redwood deck with multiple seating areas, one of which includes a stone firepit.

8 – Redwood deck with multiple seating areas, one of which includes this stone firepit.

Gorgeous hardwood deck that features a custom built stucco fireplace

9 – When designing their idyllic outdoor living space, the owners decided to add this custom-built, stucco fireplace to their hardwood deck.

Outdoor Kitchens and Cooking Areas

Hardwood deck with an outdoor cooking area that features a counter backsplash designed to look like mountains.

10 – Our customers wanted to add a unique outdoor kitchen to their Tigerwood hardwood deck.  Built in stone, it features two cabinets below for storage, a countertop for prep, and a backsplash designed to look like the gorgeous Colorado mountains.

Brick enclosed grill with custom concrete countertop

11 – DBS worked with the homeowners to design this brick-enclosed grill/cooking area with two storage areas below. We also added custom concrete countertops for the prep area.

Redwood deck with a grilling/cooking area in one corner. Built with stone and granite countertops

12 – We created an outdoor kitchen area with a stone base, granite countertops, and storage under the grill.  It is built into the stucco corner of the deck for a unique design.

Full-use sink and mini refrigerator are installed on a composite deck to create an outdoor kitchen.

13 – The homeowners designed a covered deck specifically for outdoor entertaining. We built this mini-kitchen with a fully functioning sink and a small refrigerator.

Stucco enclosed grill with preparation area and storage cabinet.

14 – The owners wanted to add this stucco grill/cooking area when designing their dream deck. It features storage below the grill with a countertop preparation area.

composite deck with a stone-enclosed grill/cooking area featuring tile counters.

15 – An outdoor grilling/cooking area enclosed in stone with storage below.  We also added tile countertops and backsplash.