Upper and lower decks are turned into 3-season rooms by installing glass walls, windows, and doors.

Glass Walls and 3-Season Rooms


Here in Colorado Springs, we have a staggering amount of sunny days and we find ourselves spending large amounts of time outside with family and friends.  However, the wind can drive us inside on even the sunniest of summer days.  Adding glass walls to your custom deck will allow you to not only continue enjoying your day, but will not disrupt your views.  There are numerous ways to use glass.  Some customers choose to install glass walls on just one side or corner of their deck.  Others decide to build an entire 3-season room, installing glass windows and doors.  Whatever you choose to do, adding glass can allow you to create your own hideaway that is enjoyable even on the windiest days that Mother Natures send our way.

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Before 1 - Upper and lower decks before glass walls, windows, and doors were added to create two 3-season rooms.

Before 1 – Our customers wanted to turn these two decks into separate 3-season rooms by adding glass walls, windows, and doors.

Two 3-season rooms that were created with glass.

After 1 – A complete transformation! We replaced the stone columns with stucco and installed glass walls, sliding windows, and doors on each deck. As a result, the homeowners now have two gorgeous 3-season rooms they use almost year round.

A covered deck that has been turned into a 3-season room by adding glass walls, windows, and doors

1A – This beautiful covered deck was converted into a full use 3-season room using glass walls, windows, and doors.

Sliding glass windows installed in a 3-season room.

1B – In order to allow fresh air to pass through, we installed sliding glass windows on this side of the 3-season room.

Elevated deck built with glass walls to create a 3-season room. There is also an additional deck on top of the 3-season room.

2A – DBS built these two composite decks and turned the lower one into a 3-season using glass walls.  The upper deck features a railing with composite components and metal basket-design balusters.

View inside of a 3-season room built with composite decking and a tongue and groove ceiling.

2B – This 3-season room was built with Saffron composite decking with a double picture frame in Espresso. In addition, we installed a Trex RainEscape system with tongue and groove ceiling stained in English porter.

Sliding glass walls on a 3-season room with a glass railing installed for safety

2C – The end wall of glass is built with a sliding panel. This allows the homeowners to open it wide for fresh air. We also installed a glass railing for safety.

3-season room with pull down shades to help keep it cooler and for privacy.

3 – Adding pull-down shades to this 3-season room not only gives the owners privacy but will help keep it cool on hot summer days.

An elevated composite with a glass wall to create a windbreak

4 – The homeowners wanted a large composite deck with a large wall of glass along the front to act as a windbreak.

Custom designed composite deck features a shed roof cover, double sided gas fireplace, glass windbreaks and a metal railing with horizontal balusters.

5 – DBS built this composite deck with many custom features – a double-sided gas fireplace, custom iron railing, tile roof, and a glass windbreak at one end of the deck.

A gorgeous redwood with cover that features glass panels in one corner to act as a windbreak.

6 – The owners wanted to add a windbreak to just one corner of this beautiful Redwood deck, so DBS installed two panels for them.

Composite deck with a hot tub in one corner. A stucco-wall features short glass panes on top to act as a windbreak.

7 – Here our customers decided to add short panels of glass to the top of the stucco half-wall to provide some extra protection from the wind.

Glass windbreak on a redwood deck. Allows the gorgeous view of the hills to remain clear.

8 – In order to keep this fantastic view yet stay protected from the Colorado winds, the homeowners walled off a portion of their deck using large glass panes.

A small composite deck off a master bedroom built with a glass railing.

9 – When building this small composite deck off a master suite, the owners decided to use a glass railing.

Composite deck with a beautiful view of the hills and Colorado Springs. It has a glass windbreak and fire pit.

10 – By adding this glass windbreak to their deck, the owners are able to enjoy their firepit and view of the mountains and Springs even on windy days.

Wood deck with open roof cover resembles an full addition. Added glass walls create a windbreak.

11 – This unique deck has only been enhanced by the glass walls the owner added to act as a windbreak.