Deck Repair


Always a concern is the presence of brown rot, a fungus that is very common along Colorado’s Front Range.  Brown rot normally hides itself  in the core of the wood where it can maintain the moisture level necessary for life and uses your wood for a source of food. Poorly constructed decks often accelerate the growth of brown rot. If found  early a replacement of the affected board can extend the life of your deck. With every refinish Decks By Schmillen will inspect and maintain your deck to make sure it looks good and stays healthy.

Deck support structures should be constructed out of treated lumber. Some decks use untreated lumber which are susceptible to brown rot. These structures, stairs, and joists can be repaired to extend the life of your deck.

Daily traffic on your deck will cause wear and tear, loose deck boards especially stair treads and railings. The milling of deck boards can cause vertical splitting,horizontal growth ring mill boards may need  to be replaced. Hail storms may leave dimples to be sanded or possibly replaced.