Lighting Styles for Decks

A view of a deck at night showing all the deck lights lit.

When working with our customers to design their dream deck, one option we always make sure to discuss is lighting.  Adding lighting to your deck can take it from “nice” to “extraordinary”!  Lights will add to your outdoor living space while also making it safer for family and friends.

There are different types of lighting to consider and each type has multiple styles to choose from.  We can install lights on the stair risers, post caps, or on the railing posts.  Add to your deck customization by choosing a unique style of light.

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Deck Railing and Post Lights

Redwood deck with a metal panel railing anchored by wood posts. Each railing post features a lighted post cap.

1 – This Redwood deck railing features metal panels between wood posts. On each post, the owner elected to install light post caps.

Deck railing with wood post and a railing light installed for evening lighting.

2 – These homeowners decided to mount railing lights that match the color of the metal railing panels.

A redwood deck with a railing featuring flat pyramid post caps that are lighted for night time.

3 – Redwood railing posts feature a flat pyramid post cap that is also lighted.

Redwood component deck railing with black metal balusters and copper post lights.

4 – Our customers decided to use copper-colored post lights to provide additional lighting for their new Redwood deck.

Railing post light installed under the railing drink cap.

5 – On railings with a drink cap, some of the rail lights can be installed directly under the drink cap, as this one has been.

Metal deck railing featuring lighted flat pyramid post caps.

6 – This Fortress Fe26 railing includes flat pyramid post caps with LED installed underneath to appear to be regular post caps.

Deck railing lights installed on stucco support column.

7 – Stucco columns are used to anchor this deck railing.  The owners had us install Moab rail lights from HighPoint Deck Lighting.

Fortress Fe26 metal panel railing with 2x2 posts and flat pyramid lighted post caps.

8 – Fortress Fe26 metal panel railing in antique bronze with 2″ x 2″ posts and lighted flat pyramid post caps.

Custom metal panel railing anchored by stucco columns.

9 – This custom metal panel railing is anchored by stucco columns that feature rail lights on two of the sides of the columns.

Wood deck railing post with a black lighted post cap installed.

10 -This is a Mt. Evans post cap light from HighPoint Deck Lighting.

Custom wrought iron deck railing with an Endurance hourglass rail light installed on the posts.

11 – A custom wrought iron railing with Endurance Hourglass rail lights installed on the posts.

Metal panel railing anchored by stucco columns with bell shaped rail lights on the columns.

12 – A black metal panel railing anchored by stucco columns with bell-shaped rail lights installed on the columns.

Step Lighting

Redwood deck with partially closed stairs and step lights.

13 – On their Redwood deck, the owners decided to use partially closed steps so they could install these Golden Gate stair lights.

Small composite deck with step lights on the stair riser. The lights have a mountain and moon design.

14 – This small composite deck features the Pikes Peak step light.  The design features a design that evokes a sense of the mountains.

Camaru hardwood deck with single wrap around stair. Step lights are installed on the single riser.

15 – This gorgeous hardwood deck was built with a single, wrap-around step featuring Genesis step lights.

Deck stairs that feature Moab step lights on every other riser.

16 – The homeowners chose to install the Moab step light on every other riser for their deck stairs.

Hot tub with surrounding composite step that feature step lights.

17 – Pikes Peak step lights were installed around the hot tub stairs to improve safety at night.

A composite deck with custom rail. The homeowners installed two step lights on every other riser along the staircase.

18 – This custom, composite deck is enhanced by the dual Yellow Stone step lights installed on every other stair riser.

Custom designed Redwood that features a bricked in cooking area and steplights on the wide deck stairs.

19 – Custom-designed Redwood deck featuring a bricked in cooking area.  It also features two Mt. Evans style step lights on alternating risers.

Composite steps that surround a hot tub with Estes step lights installed on the three sides.

20 – The steps surrounding this hot tub have the Estes step light installed on all three sides.

6' wide redwood deck stairs with two Yellow Stone brick lights installed on every other stair riser.

21 – These 6′-wide, closed deck stairs were built with the Yellow Stone brick light installed on alternating risers.

Closed deck stairs that feature an LED strip light on every other step.

22 – These stairs feature an LED strip light installed on every other step and post lights at the top of the staircase.

Composite deck stairs with Lake Powell step lights installed for safety.

23 – To help improve night-time lighting on their stairs, the owners decided to use Lake Powell step lights on every other riser.

Two composite decks connected by a staircase with step lights installed for safety in the dark.

24 – When building two decks connected by a staircase, the owners decided to add Lake Powell step lights to the stair risers.