Cathedral Park

Covered Patio Turned into 3-Season Room Using Glass


Our customers had a covered patio that they loved to use, but were limited in its use because of the Colorado weather.  Working together, we designed a way to enclose the patio with glass, turning it into a full-use 3-season room.  The custom design involves multiple sliding glass doors to give the homeowners entrances on each of the three sides of glass.

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Outdoor patio before it is glassed in

Cathedral Park Before

Patio turned into 3-season room with glass walls

CP 1 – Here you can see two sides of the glass enclosed patio.  Each side has a sliding glass doors that can be opened for fresh air in the gorgeous Colorado summers.

Sliding glass doors installed on 3-season room

CP 2 – The smaller glass panes at the top were designed to fit between the beam and the cover over the patio.

Sliding glass door leading into glass enclosed patio

CP 3 – The homeowners wanted to keep the stucco half-wall at one end of the patio, so we designed a pane to fit on top of it and a sliding door that would work around it.

Glass enclosed patio with a built-in grill just outside the door

CP 4 – Here you can see the built-in grill located just outside the sliding doors leading to the 3-season room.

Glass enclosed patio turned into full 3-season room with couches and tv

CP 5 – This view shows one of the sliding doors open, allowing fresh air in to the room.  We can also see how the homeowners have turned the room into an area for relaxing with a great view!

Covered patio turned into 3-season room with glass walls

CP 6 – The beams along the upper portion of the glass walls were added by DBS.  The height of the cover was too high to use single panes of glass.  We added the beam and put in smaller glass panes along it.  The beams were matched to the existing support beams so they appear to have been original to the structure.

Covered patio turned into full-use 3-season room with glass walls and doors.

CP 7 – Working together, the homeowners now have the 3-season room of their dreams and enjoy their new outdoor living space as much as possible!