Custom Hardwood Deck with Under-Deck Drainage System

DBS built this stunning, custom hardwood deck using Tigerwood, a Brazilian hardwood that is popular because of its unique coloring. Laying the deck boards at a 45-degree angle to the joists enhances the shade variations of the wood. The railing is built with wood components painted in white, Fortress balusters in Black Sand, and the drink cap is in Tigerwood to create a stark contrast. The elevated deck required quite a few stairs, so we built them using a 90-degree turn landing. The homeowners wanted to create a secondary area for outdoor entertaining, so we added an under-deck drainage system. It has a flat ceiling done in tongue and groove pine. Adding this allowed the homeowners to create two outdoor living spaces by building just one deck.


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Gorgeous hardwood deck in Tigerwood with two Adirondack chairs

C1 – DBS built this custom deck using Tigerwood hardwood. Tigerwood is a Brazilian hardwood that is unique in its coloring.

Elevated deck with an under-deck drainage system that features a flat ceiling.

C2 – Because the deck is elevated, the owners decided to have us install an under-deck drainage system underneath. Doing this allows them to add much more outdoor living space.

Deck stairs with hardwood treads and a 90-degree turn landing

C3 – In order to take up less space in the backyard, we built the closed-step staircase with a 90-degree turn landing.

A custom built hardwood deck with a large table and chairs for entertaining.

C4 – The Tigerwood’s unique coloring only enhances a wood deck’s natural beauty. Here you can see the multiple shade variations that make it such a popular hardwood for building decks.

Outdoor living space that under an elevated deck that has an under-deck drainage system

C5 – For their under-deck drainage system, the owners decided to go with a tongue and groove Pine ceiling, creating a warm and inviting space for outdoor entertaining.

Custom hardwood deck that features a staircase with a 90-degree turn landing.

C6 – The railing for this custom hardwood deck features wood components and round metal balusters from Fortress.  The drink cap is Tigerwood to match the decking.