Glass Walls Turn Deck into 3-Season Room


Our customers had an existing deck with a cover that they loved using.  However, they wanted to find a way to use it most of the year, even in inclement weather.  DBS showed them how adding glass walls, windows, and doors to the deck could turn it into a 3-season room for them.  Due to size limitations on glass walls, we had to add a beam at the front of the deck.  In order to access the rest of the deck, we installed a sliding glass door for the homeowners.  They also wanted to enjoy the breezes during good weather, so we added a sliding glass window at one end of the deck.  The customers also added drop-down shades in order to provide privacy and help keep the room cooler during the hot summer days.


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Deck with Vaulted Deck Cover Enclosed with glass to create a 3-season room

Chianti 1 – The customers had a beautiful covered deck that they wanted to be able to use year-round.  We added glass walls, doors, and windows to create this 3-season room for them.

Covered deck turned into 3-season room by adding glass walls

Chianti 2 – Adding a sliding glass door allows the homeowners to have access to the uncovered portion of their deck.

Drop down shades installed in a glass 3-season room allow for privacy

Chianti 3 – Adding drop-down shades to the glass walls allows the homeowners to have privacy at night and they help keep it cool during the sunny days of summer.

Sliding glass panel windows in 3-season room.

Chianti 4 – The customers wanted to be able to open the 3-season room up to beautiful summer breezes, so we installed a sliding glass panel window in the corner opposite to the sliding glass door.

Sliding glass door installed in 3-season room allows access to the uncovered portion of the deck

Chianti 5 – This sliding glass door allows the customers to have access to the uncovered portion of the deck.  It can also be left open to breezes during our beautiful Colorado summers.

3-season room created from glass turns into a beautiful home addition

Chianti 6 – Turning their deck into a 3-season room with glass walls, adds a beautiful addition to their home.

Outdoor fireplace built with stone in glass 3-season room

Chianti 7 – There is also a custom-built, stone fireplace in the 3-season room.  A simply perfect area for entertaining on cool fall evenings!