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Outdoor Oasis with Vertical Cable Railing for a Modern Look


These homeowners had a beautiful house that they loved, but they were not thrilled with the existing deck, so they contacted us.  They wanted to build something more extensive and modern, thereby creating an outdoor living space suited to their lifestyle.  Because this deck would be larger, it required a new metal beam to support the weight.  After deciding on the dimensions for the new deck, it was time to look at the different options available for decking material and railing.  The decking material they chose to use is Deckorators Vista Ironwood.  We also added end boards for a clean, finished look and a divider board to avoid butt seams.  After looking at the multiple options available for a railing, they decided to use a Fortress Fe26 V-Series Cable Infill system.  It features metal components with stainless steel vertical cables.  We added a drink cap in the Deckorators Ironwood to match the deck.  The original under-deck space was enclosed with wood lattice.  The owners wanted to close it off and install a door for access.  We used the same material as the siding on the house and created a storage space that keeps items out of site and can be locked.  The final product of our labor is the outdoor oasis our customers have always wanted for relaxing and entertaining.

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A new composite deck with a metal and cable railing creates a beautiful outdoor living space for the homeowners.

Country Club 1 – This beautiful outdoor living space is the final result of our collaboration with the homeowners.

Redwood deck and railing before they were removed to build a larger, composite deck.

Country Club 2 (Before) – A smaller, redwood deck that was original to the house did not provide space for the owners to enjoy or entertain.

In order to build the new larger composite deck, we needed to add a metal beam to support the weight.

Country Club 3 – In order to build a larger deck for the owners, we had to install a powder-coated steel beam in order to support the weight.

During construction of a new composite deck, it shows the metal beam in place needed to support the weight of the new deck.

Country Club 4 – This picture was taken during construction of the new deck.  You can see the metal beam is in place and the deck framing has been built.

Homeowners have created a beautiful, outdoor living space on their new composite deck with a dining table, chairs, and outdoor rug.

Country Club 5 – With the larger deck, the owners are able to add this dining area for entertaining.

This original redwood deck was small but long. It did not allow the owners to create the outdoor living space they wanted.

Country Club 6 (Before) – Before building the new deck, there was no room for a dining area.

A composite deck with metal and cable railing. Homeowners have added outdoor rugs and dining area

Country Club 7 – After reviewing all the options, the owners chose to use Deckorators Vista series Ironwood decking material.  They decided on a Fortress V-Series Cable Infill metal railing because it provided a sleek, modern look.

A close up of how the drink cap is mitered to fit around the railing post and post cap.

Country Club 8 – We also added a drink cap to the railing in the same material as the decking.


An under-deck storage area that is enclosed with the composite material used on the deck.

Country Club 9 – Under the original deck, lattice had been installed to create a storage area.  The owners wanted to keep the storage area, but have it completely block view.  We also installed a door that could be locked.