Cumaru Hardwood Decks with Custom ViewRail System


Our customers had a home in the hills of Cascade that needed an exterior facelift.  They had multiple decks and sets of stairs that were constructed of redwood and were in need of replacement.  Working together, DBS and the homeowners designed the new decks and stairs to be much more up-to-date with a sleek, contemporary look.  We used Cumaru hardwood, also known as Brazilian Teak, because it exceeds the requirements for a Class A fire rating, making it an exceptional choice for mountain homes.  It is a very popular hardwood due to its density, which makes it extremely resistant to termites and decay.  Cumaru is an attractive, medium golden-brown color with shades of tan, which results in a tonal warmth that creates a beautiful, relaxing outdoor living area.

In keeping with the contemporary look, the owners chose to use a railing system from ViewRail.  It is constructed with 3″ x 3″ posts and 1/4″ horizontal rods in matte black, resulting in an unobstructed view of the gorgeous Colorado scenery.  We also added a drink cap in Cumaru.  All the attention to detail creates a fantastic set of decks that the homeowners will be using to enjoy the mountain scenery for years to come!

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Cumaru hardwood deck with a custom metal railing system overlooking Colorado mountains

Cascade 1 – A gorgeous hardwood deck completed in Cumaru that overlooks the hills of Cascade, CO.

The original, dated redwood deck that was removed

Cascade 2 – This is a view of the original redwood deck that was removed and replaced.

Gorgeous Cumaru hardwood deck stained with Ipe oil gives the wood a warm depth

Cascade 3 – Staining the Cumaru with Ipe oil gives the wood a rich, warm look.

View of a redwood deck before it is removed and replaced by a custom, hardwood deck

Cascade 4 – Another view of the original deck before it was removed.

Cumaru hardwood deck with a custom railing - 3x3 posts with 1/4

Cascade 5 – The owners chose to use the ViewRail Onyx system on their decks.  It consists of 3″ x 3″ metal posts with 1/4″ horizontal rods in matte black.

Cumaru hardwood deck with a custom metal railing topped with a Cumaru drink cap

Cascade 6 – We added a beveled drink cap in Cumaru to the top of the custom metal railing system.

Deck stairs with a landing done in Cumaru hardwood. The railing is a custom ViewRail Onyx system in matte black

Cascade 7 – Instead of building a straight-down staircase, we designed one with a landing. This design takes up less space and can make it more comfortable for people going up and down.

Cumaru hardwood deck with Onyx railing system by ViewRail.

Cascade 8 – The white, solid body stain on the decking fascia contrasts beautifully with the stained Cumaru hardwood.

Shows the back of a house in the mountains with three decks built in Cumaru hardwood.

Cascade 9 – On the backside of the house, we rebuilt three separate areas in Cumaru. The kitchen’s sliding door is accessed via three steps with a short section of railing. One of the bedrooms has a small deck with another deck below that leads to the deck stairs.