Two-Story Deck with 3-Season Room


This custom deck is a two-story, 3-season room, composite add-on.  The enclosed 3-season room comprises the lower level.  The decking is TimberTech Tangle Twine laid at a 45-degree angle, and a double picture frame border in TimberTech Rustic Walnut.  The deck cover includes a natural tongue and groove ceiling (stained in English Porter) with recessed, dimmable lighting.  The customer wanted to find a way to have access to light breezes in good weather but did not want the room completely open to the elements.  To accomplish this, DBS installed two sliding glass doors on opposite corners of the deck/room.  We also installed two large sliding patio doors for access to the three-season room from the house, which provide a beautiful view from inside.  To complement the house, stucco columns were built to support the two-story deck.  The customer chose to finish off the upper deck with a composite railing and metal balusters featuring a basket design for a more contemporary look.

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3-season room with another deck above.

Electra 1 – This custom, two story deck provides the homeowners with a 3-season room on the lower level and an open deck on the upper level.

Composite deck enclosed with glass walls

Electra 2 – To help create the personalized look they wanted, the owners went with TimberTech Tangle Twine decking laid at a 45-degree angle with a double picture frame border in TimberTech Rustic Walnut.

Upper and lower decks with stucco columns built to match the house

Electra 3 – In order to make the new decks appear original to the house, DBS used stucco columns to support the decks.  We matched the stucco color of the house.

Sliding patio doors installed to provide access to glass enclosed 3-season room

Electra 4 – To provide access to the 3-season room, DBS installed two large sliding patio doors, which have the adding bonus of creating a beautiful view from inside the house also.

Sliding glass doors with glass railing on 3-season room.

Electra 5 – The customer did not want to completely block out fresh air, so we installed sliding glass doors on opposite corners.  For safety, we also installed a glass railing.

Composite deck with double picture frame border enclosed by glass.

Electra 6 – In the corner you can see a downspout.  These were installed with the dry space in the ceiling in order to protect this lower level deck from water on the upper deck.

Sliding glass door from 3-season room to open section of composite deck.

Electra 7 – We installed this sliding glass door to provide access to the open deck area.

Full glass frames in 3-season room framed by composite material and stucco columns

Electra 8 – The full glass planes are framed by composite material and stucco columns creating a beautiful architectural element to the home.