Meridian Ranch


Upgrade to Larger Composite Deck Creates Space for Entertaining

These homeowners in Meridian Ranch had a tiny deck on their home. They wanted to remove that deck and install a large one that would allow them room for entertaining while being low-maintenance. Working with the owners, we designed the deck around the alcove that the existing deck was in. It was then time for the owners to decide on materials. After looking at the options, they chose to use Deckorators Vista Silverwood for the main decking, installed at a 90-degree angle to the joists. For the end boards, they went with a darker color, the Deckorators Vista Driftwood. We installed a Fortress Fe26 Traditional railing system with flat pyramid post caps. Five of the post caps feature a lighted glow ring between the post and cap. The final result is a beautiful composite deck that the owners will be able to enjoy with friends and family all year!

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Side view of a new stucco home with a very small redwood deck

Enclave Scenic 1 – This new home had a very small, redwood deck.

A small redwood deck with just enough for 4 chairs.

Enclave Scenic 2 – The original deck had just enough room for 4 chairs.  There was definitely no room for entertaining.

New home with an elevated composite deck and metal deck railing.

Enclave Scenic – Working with the homeowners, we designed the new deck to replace the original one and extend it much further, giving them room to entertain.

A composite deck built with Deckorators Silverwood (light grey) decking at a 90-degree angle to the joists and single end boards in Deckorators Driftwood (dark grey).

Enclave Scenic 4 – The owners chose to build with Deckorators Vista Silverwood decking material laid at a 90-degree angle to the joists.  They also added single end boars in Deckorators Vista Driftwood.

New composite deck with Deckorators Silverwood decking and a Fortress Fe26 Traditional metal panel railing in Black Sand.

Enclave Scenic 5 – We installed a Fortress Fe26 Traditional powder-coated railing system in Black Sand.  Five of the flat pyramid post caps also feature lighted rings.

View of the back of a house with a new elevated, composite deck and black metal deck railing.

Enclave Scenic 6 – The owners eagerly await summer so they can spend as much time as they can in their new outdoor living space!