Amazing Outdoor Living Area with Deck Cover and Glass Windbreak


This house is located in Monument on a lot with incredible views. The customer wanted to design and build a deck that took advantage of those views but provided some protection from the wind. In collaboration with the homeowner, DBS designed the deck to include multiple custom elements specific to this homeowner. We built a custom composite deck with the boards at a 45-degree angle and added a double picture frame border. The handcrafted railing is comprised of twisted, basket-design balusters. In addition, the customer wished to use a piece of metal art they found in their travels as the centerpiece of the railing. Working together, we created a custom design that showcased the art. It is a metal railing with twisted balusters featuring a basket design. Adding glass walls to the southwest end of the deck allows the customer and their guests to enjoy the fire pit and views of Pike’s Peak in a calm setting. The result of all the custom design work is a deck that provides the homeowners an outdoor living and dining area with views beyond compare.

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Composite deck with gabled deck cover, custom metal railing, and glass windbreak

Furrow 1 – DBS built this beautiful, custom composite deck that was designed with multiple seating areas.  One area serves as an outdoor dining room, the other includes a firepit and glass panel windbreak so the view over the foothills can be enjoyed.

Custom built glass windbreak on a composite deck so the customers can enjoy a view of the foothills, even in the wind.

Furrow 2 – Located in Monument, this property has gorgeous views of Pikes Peak.  Adding the glass walls on one of the deck allows the owners to enjoy the view and a firepit despite the windy days they experience.

Covered composite deck that is an outdoor dining area

Furrow 3 – DBS worked with the homeowners to design this relaxing outdoor living area with a gabled deck cover.

Gabled deck cover with vaulted ceiling in stucco.

Furrow 4 – A vaulted deck cover with stucco ceiling and recessed can lights provides shade for the dining area.

Composite deck with custom metal railing in antiqued bronze.

Furrow 5 – The owners decided to install a handcrafted railing in an antique bronze with twisted balusters featuring a basket design.

Custom composite deck with a 45-degree angle and double picture frame. Handcrafted metal railing with twisted balusters.

Furrow 6 – This deck was built using composite material laid at a 45-degree to the joists and a double picture frame border.

The owners asked us to incorporated a unique piece of metal art into the deck railing

Furrow 7 – During the travels, the owners found this unique piece of metal art and asked us to incorporate it into the railing we built.

Close up picture of the double picture frame on the deck and the twisted balusters on the railing

Furrow 8 – This picture shows a closer view of the double picture frame border and the twisted balusters with basket-design on the railing.