Old Farm Neighborhood


Striking Two-Toned Composite Deck


When our clients purchased a new home, the existing deck was in extremely bad shape and unsafe.  It was an older redwood deck that had not been maintained over the years.  We discussed what design the owners wanted to go with for the new deck.  Keeping the same size (14’ x 22’) was a must, as they would be using the outdoor living space a lot throughout the year.  Low-maintenance materials were also a “must-have” for them.  After looking at the different materials and colors available, they decided to use Deckorators Voyage Tundra composite decking laid at a 90-degree angle to the joists.  To create a beautiful design contrast, we installed a double picture frame and divider boards in the much darker Deckorators Dark Slate.  The railing is a Fortress Fe26 Traditional powder-coated system with 3” x 3” posts and flat pyramid post caps.  Five of the post caps are lighted using a non-dimmable transformer, we put two at the top each staircase and the fifth was installed on the side of the deck.  Using the Deckorators Tundra for the step treads and the Dark Slate on the stair risers and fascia makes a beautiful contrast when approaching the deck from the yard.  The homeowners are looking forward to the spring and summer so they can start enjoying their gorgeous new outdoor living space!

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Unsafe redwood deck before it is torn down

Harvest 1 – The new homeowners new that their old redwood deck would need to be replaced as soon as possible.

A redwood deck that has not been maintained and is no longer safe, Boards are pulling up in some areas and sagging in others.

Harvest 2 – You can see here that this deck has not been maintained through the years, and as a result has become unsafe.

Harvest 3 – The owners chose to use Deckorators Tundra for the decking with a double picture frame border and dividing boards in the Deckorators Dark Slate.  Creating a beautiful contrast between the colors.

Harvest 4 – In the middle of the deck, we installed a 6′-wide staircase.  Continuing with the two-tone scheme, the owners decided on Tundra for the step tread and Dark Slate on the risers.

Harvest 5 – Adding a double picture frame border creates a beautiful contrast between the two colors of decking material.  The railing system is a Fortress Fe26 Traditional system in Black sand.

A new composite deck with a grey decking material that is surrounded by a double picture frame border in a dark slate color.

Harvest 6 – By using the double divider boards, the homeowners avoided having butt-seams down the middle of the deck.

Picture of a composite deck taken from one of the corners. It shows the light grey decking and dark slate picture frame border and dividing boards. The two colors create a striking contrast.

Harvest 7 – Once the Decks by Schmillen crew has completed the deck, we clean it down to make sure everything looks fantastic for the homeowners.