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B-Grade Redwood Deck with a Douglas Fir Pergola


Our customers wanted to build a new deck that could be an ideal spot for entertaining family and friends.  They decided to use B-grade Redwood because it has fewer and smaller knots than Deck Common Redwood.  The boards are laid at a 45-degree angle to the joists and secured with camo screws.  The railing was built using 4” x 4” redwood posts with Fortress railing panels between the posts.  To add a unique flair, the owners decided to add a Fortress ring top accent panel and a redwood drink cap.  We also built a Douglas Fir pergola over a large portion of the deck.  The pergola, posts, drink cap, and fascia are all stained with Sherwin Williams Greek Villa in a solid body stain.  We stained the decking in a semi-transparent SuperDeck in Heart Redwood.  Finally, the owners added a fire pit so they can still enjoy their beautiful deck, even on chilly nights.

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B Grade redwood deck with pergola and metal deck railing

Jessie 1 – This custom, B-grade redwood deck was built with the boards laid at a 45-degree angle to the joists and camo screws.

B grade redwood deck with metal panel railing, pergola, and fire pit

Jessie 2 – The gorgeous color of the B-grade redwood still shines through after being stained with a semi-transparent stain from SuperDeck (New Redwood).

Redwood deck with Fortress panel railing a ring top accent panel

Jessie 3 – The railing features redwood 4″ x 4″ posts and drink cap with Fortress railing panels and a ring top accent panel added at the top.

B grade redwood with Douglas fir pergola and a firepit

Jessie 4 – The homeowners also had us build a Douglas Fir pergola to provide some shade in the Colorado sun.

Redwood deck with pergola and black metal panel railing

Jessie 5 – The homeowners are thrilled with how their new deck and pergola add to the beauty of their home.