Gorgeous Heart Redwood Deck with Custom Built Wrought Iron Railing

These homeowners wanted to build two separate areas for entertaining and relaxing with a walkway between them. Working with them, we designed this Heart Redwood deck with a herringbone design and a double picture frame border. We stained the decking with a semi-transparent (Level 2) and the picture frame border in a solid body (Level 3). The railing is a custom design built in wrought iron at the homeowners’ request. They also had an older shade tree that they wanted to keep, so we built the deck around the tree to accommodate the request. Now, the owners have a fantastic deck they enjoy all year long! 

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Heart redwood deck with shaded seating area

Kincaid 1 – This beautiful Heart Redwood deck was designed to accommodate a few custom options the homeowners wanted to incorporate.

A redwood deck that was built around an old tree the owners wanted to keep.

Kincaid 2 – The wrought iron railing was designed with a hammered, Vienna-style baluster that features a curl at the top and a curli-cue design at the corners.

Walk-way of a heart redwood deck that has a herringbone design and double picture frame border

Kincaid 3 – This deck is laid out in a herringbone pattern with a double picture frame border. The decking is stained in a semi-transparent, while the double picture frame border is in a contrasting solid body stain.

Heart redwood deck with a walkway down the side of the house.

Kincaid 4 – The owners asked us to build two separate entertaining areas connected by a walkway down the side of the house.

Custom designed, wrought iron deck railing

Kincaid 5 – The posts of the wrought iron deck railing also feature Endurance Hourglass rail lights from HighPoint Deck Lighting.

Heart Redwood deck (unstained) that was built to accommodate an existing shade tree.

Kincaid 6 – One of the unique design elements of this deck is the cut-out we built in order to keep the existing shade tree that the homeowners did not want to cut down.

Heart redwood deck with a firepit area for cooler summer evenings.

Kincaid 7 – We added a firepit for entertaining on those cooler summer evenings in one of the two seating areas.