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Steel Framed Trex Deck with Custom Designed Railing


Our clients wanted to build a custom, steel-framed deck that would take advantage of the fantastic views they had from their house. We worked with them to develop a composite deck design that was uniquely theirs. It is constructed of the Trex Elevation steel deck framing and Trex Tiki Torch decking material to provide a beautiful, low-maintenance, long-lasting entertainment area. There are three distinct levels, with two larger ones that bookend the house resulting in two separate outdoor living areas. The homeowners had seen this railing design in a church throughout their travels and sketched it. We were able to recreate this in a powder-coated, wrought iron railing connected by specialty-designed stucco columns. These columns contain multiple “pop-outs” and are topped with a custom concrete stone cap. All of the design and custom work created a fantastic deck the owners love!

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Composite deck with stucco columns and custom designed wrought iron railing takes advantages of gorgeous city views.

MR 1 – This custom designed deck was built with a Trex Elevations steel frame and Trex Tiki Torch composite decking for strength, durability, and the fire rating.

Powder coated wrought iron railing that was designed by the customer

MR 2 – The owners designed this custom wrought iron railing.  Working with a subcontractor, we were able to have the railing brought to life and installed between the stucco columns the owners wanted to use.

Multi-level composite deck with stucco columns and custom designed wrought iron deck railing

MR 3 – The homeowners wanted their new outdoor living space to take full advantage of the amazing views their property provided.  Working together, we designed a multi-level deck that offers perfect spots to entertain and enjoy the views.

Multi-level composite deck with stucco support columns

MR 4 – The stucco columns were built with multiple pop-outs and concrete stone caps on top to create a beautiful frame for the wrought iron railing.

custom designed wrought iron railing supported by stucco columns on a composite deck

MR 5 – DBS built this deck with three distinct levels, the two larger ones bookending the house, resulting in two separate seating areas for the homeowners to enjoy and/or entertain.

Steel deck framing used for a new, custom designed composite deck

MR 6 – The owners decided to use Trex Elevations steel deck framing in order to ensure a strong, long-lasting deck.  The frame is made from a non-combustible material, which was a bonus point to the owners considering they are surrounded by the forest.

Composite deck with single divider board and wrought iron railing

MR 7 – We built the deck with the boards laid at a 90-degree angle with a single divider board to avoid butt seams.