Large Redwood Deck with Stucco Columns

The homeowners had a large deck that needed to be replaced.  Working with them through the design phase, they decided to stay with the design of the original deck as they felt it suited their house and landscaping.  The deck is built with ConCommon Redwood at a 90-degree angle to the joists with single dividing boards.  We built a staircase with a 180-degree turn landing so the outdoor living area below the deck could be easily accessed.  The support posts are 12″ x 12″ stucco and feature an arch between.  The deck and railing have been stained in PPG Russet solid body.  The owners are truly enjoying their outdoor living space and the gorgeous views they have off the deck.

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Large elevated redwood deck with picket fence railing and stucco columns

Payton 1 – This gorgeous redwood deck features stucco columns and arches and picket fence railing.

Back of house after original deck has been removed but before new deck is built

Payton 2 – This picture shows the house after we removed the original deck, before beginning new construction.

This shows the beginning of the construction process on an elevated redwood deck

Payton 3 – During the construction process.

Redwood deck and railing with single divider boards, before staining.

Payton 4 – The boards are laid at a 90-degree angle to the joists with single divider boards to avoid butt seams.  This picture shows the wood before we stained it.

Redwood deck and picket fence railing stained in solid-body Russet from PPG.

Payton 5 – Here you can see the difference between bare wood and using a solid-body stain. The owners went with PPG Russet for both the deck and railing.

An elevated view of a large redwood deck before the support posts have been stuccoed.

Payton 6 – An elevated view of the deck before the stucco on the support posts and arches has been completed.

An elevated redwood deck with an additional outdoor living area below.

Payton 7 – Having an elevated deck allows the homeowners to create another outdoor living space below.