Ripple Ridge

3-Season Room Created with Glass Walls


The homeowners had an existing composite deck and cover, but they wanted to convert it into a 3-season room.  DBS added the glass walls along with two sliding glass doors leading into the house and to a bright, open area of the deck.  Inside the glass walls, we added adjustable shade screens to help provide the customer with comfortable seating areas, even on the hottest Colorado afternoons.  The owners also wanted to find a way to utilize the space under the deck, so we installed a metal panel dry space system.  This gives the customer an additional outdoor living space with a fire pit and hot tub for a whole separate entertaining area.  Decks by Schmillen takes great pride in creating beautiful, functional, outdoor living spaces.

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Covered deck turned into 3-season room with glass walls

RR 1 – DBS turned a composite deck with cover into this beautiful 3-season room by installing glass walls.  Two sets of sliding glass doors allow access to the house and the uncovered portion of the deck.

Sliding glass doors allow access to the uncovered portion of the deck from the 3-season room.

RR 2 – The sliding glass panels allow the customers to keep the room open to the fresh air yet still remain protected from the elements.

Large 3-season room created by glass walls. Dry space installed under deck to create another entertaining area.

RR 3 – Creating another area for outdoor entertaining was on the customers wish list.  By adding a metal dry space system under the deck, we were able to create the area they wanted.

Outdoor area with hot tub and firepit created by adding dry space to a deck.

RR 4 – The dry space system that we installed allowed the homeowners to create this new outdoor living area with a hot tub and firepit.

Glass walls in 3-season room with pull down shades installed

RR 5 – To help block some of the sun shining through the large glass panes, we installed adjustable shade screens that can lowered when the sun is too intense.

Additional living space is created by building a 3-season room

RR 6 – Here you can see how adding a 3-season room can create a whole new living area in your house.

3-season room created with existing deck and cover adds a beautiful design element to the home.

RR 7 – Not only do the homeowners have two new areas for entertaining because of the 3-season room and dry space we installed, they have also added a beautiful design element to their home.