Custom Deck Remodel


Our customers had a large, elevated deck they needed to remodel completely. Working together, we designed a beautiful composite deck that features a gabled deck cover and a stone fireplace. The homeowners decided to install Deckorators Vista Ironwood decking material. We also added end boards for a clean finished look and a single dividing board to avoid butt seams. Next, the original railing was removed, sandblasted, and powder coated in Oil Bronze. Once the work was complete, we reattached it to the stucco columns on the deck. The owners now have a gorgeous deck they love spending time on!



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Large elevated composite deck with gabled deck cover and stucco columns

Rockhurst 1 – The owners wanted to a complete remodel on their large elevated deck.

Covered, composite deck with stone gas fireplace

Rockhurst 2 – This gorgeous deck features a stone outdoor fireplace, deck cover with recessed lighting, stucco columns, and powder coated metal railing.

Composite deck with Deckorators Ironwood, powder coated metal railing, and stone fireplace.

Rockhurst 3 – The homeowners decided to use Deckorators Vista Ironwood composite decking.  We also installed end boards for a clean, finished look and a single divider board to avoid butt seams.

Composite deck with Deckorators Vista Ironwood and a single divider board to avoid butt seams

Rockhurst 4 – This photo shows the section of the deck that is not covered.  The deck is supported by stucco columns that also act as posts for the railing.

Large, elevated deck with gabled deck cover and a corner outdoor fireplace,

Rockhurst 5 – With this view, you can see the stucco corner where the stone fireplace is installed and the area below the deck.

Underside of deck covered to hide framing

Rockhurst 6 – The homeowners are also able to use the space below the deck.