Rolling Ridge


Trex Deck with Steel Deck Frame and Gabled Cover


DBS built this steel framed deck with composite decking material, metal panel railing (with gate), and a gabled deck cover.

The homeowners wanted to build an outdoor living space that they could enjoy for years to come. Working with them, we designed this deck using a galvanized steel frame for its strength and durability.  The decking is Trex Tiki Torch and is laid out at a 90-degree angle to the joists with end boards to provide a more finished look. The deck also features a metal panel railing system in matte black, a handrail along the 4’-wide closed steps, and step lights for safety at night.

The gabled deck cover was designed so that it would appear to have been original to the house.  Its stucco, curved front arch was used to complement the half-round windows.  Knotty, tongue and groove pine was used on the vaulted ceiling with can lights and a ceiling fan.  We used stucco support columns with pop outs for the deck and cover and to add aesthetic appeal.

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Elevated composite deck with steel deck framing and gabled deck cover

Rolling 1 – We built this custom composite deck with gabled deck utilizing steel deck framing.  The homeowners chose steel framing for its strength and durability.

Elevated composite deck with closed stairs and gabled deck cover

Rolling 2 – This striking deck features composite material, metal railing and handrail for the stairs.  The owners had us add step lights for safety, but they also create a dramatic effect at night.

Deck cover with vaulted ceiling in tongue and groove knotty pine

Rolling 3 – DBS worked with the owners to design this beautiful gabled deck cover featuring a vaulted, knotty pine, tongue and groove ceiling with recessed lighting and a ceiling fan.

Steel deck framing supports an elevated composite deck with gabled deck cover

Rolling 4 – The customer wanted to make sure that the new deck and cover would look original to the house.  In order to achieve that, DBS built the cover with a tile roof, stucco columns, and an arch to complement the windows.

Composite deck with a gate at the top of the stairs for safety

Rolling 5 – A latching gate that matches the railing was installed at the top of the stairs for safety.

Elevated steel framed deck with gabled cover and metal deck railing.

Rolling 6 – This view from ground-level shows off the beautiful knotty pine, tongue and groove ceiling that we installed on the gabled deck cover.

Recessed lighting on a gabled deck cover creates a beautiful area for entertaining

Rolling 7 – In this early evening photo, you can see how the recessed lights will help create a cozy area for entertaining.