Amazing Elevated Deck with Steel Deck Framing


Our customers knew they wanted to build a deck that would last for years, was very strong, and had a high fire rating. With this wish list, the best option was galvanized steel deck framing and composite decking material. The next step in the design phase was to choose colors and accents. Fiberon IPE was used for the main decking (laid at a 45-degree angle) and the step treads. The double picture frame, drink cap on the railing, and step risers are Fiberon Tudor Brown. We built the railing using composite materials and metal balusters. The horizontal 2” x 4”s on the railing are TimberTech Brown, while the post sleeves are TimberTech Kona Radiance. Railing balusters feature a single or double basket design in a matte black color. We also installed a handrail and Lake Powell step lights on the 5’-wide stairs. All these elements combine to create a beautiful deck that the homeowners will enjoy for years to come!

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Elevated Trex composite deck with galvanized steel deck framing

Steinbeck 1 – This beautiful, elevated deck is built with Trex composite material over a galvanized steel deck frame.

Trex decking with double picture frame

Steinbeck 2 – The homeowners chose to use Trex composite material with the boards laid out in a herringbone design.  They also added a double picture frame in a contrasting color.

Elevated composite with stairs featuring a 90-degree turn landing

Steinbeck 3 – Our customers decided to build the deck with stairs and a 90-degree turn landing using a steel deck frame.  This will provide them with a strong and long-lasting deck.

Closed deck stairs that have step lights on alternating stairs.

Steinbeck 4 – These stairs create a statement all of their own.  The railing is made of composite components with metal, basket design balusters, and a handrail.  The owners added Lake Powell stair lights (from High Point Deck Lighting) to alternating risers for safety, but they also add to the overall design.

Steinbeck 5 – We added a 90-degree turn landing on the stairs which are 5′-wide closed steps with a handrail for safety.

Trex deck laid out at a 45-degree angle to the joists.

Steinbeck 6 – Here you can see the varying color shades in the deck boards and the contrasting double picture frame.  The balusters in the middle section of the railing include a basket design.