Benefits of Metal Deck Railings

By February 7, 2024 April 22nd, 2024 Custom Decks, Deck railing, New Deck, Railing
Composite deck with a metal deck railing featuring vertical cables and a drink cap. The owners added a rug and dining area to the deck

Benefits of Installing a Metal Deck Railing


When designing a new deck, there are numerous factors to consider: What kind of frame? What type of decking – wood or composite? What style of railing – wood or metal? And the list goes on. Today, we are considering the benefits of installing a metal railing system on your new deck. Many different types of metal railing systems are available in today’s market, and there are various combinations of materials that can be used within the railings.  Currently, the most popular type of railing that we have been installing is a metal panel system with raised metal posts.  There are definitely benefits for homeowners with the installation of metal deck railings.

  • Cost–Effective – because metal deck railings do not require the maintenance that wood railings require, they will save you time and money in maintenance and repairs.
  • Low Maintenance – once installed, a deck railing constructed entirely of metal components will not require sanding and staining as is needed with wood.
  • Warranty – metal railings usually come with a 15-year limited warranty (aluminum railings may offer up to a lifetime warranty). The limited warranties usually cover “cracking, peeling, and blistering of the finish.”
  • Easily Customizable – manufacturers offer numerous options in railings, railing tops, balusters, post caps, and more, giving you seemingly unlimited ways to customize your railing.
  • Views – because metal railings are typically built using thinner balusters than wood railings, this allows for a less obstructed view. Also, metal railings are available with stainless steel cables instead of balusters, providing an even clearer view from your new custom-built deck.

Deck Railings with Metal Panels and Posts

Fortress Fe26 black metal deck railing with top accent piece featuring circles

A metal panel system with raised metal posts is the most basic type of deck railing.  Even though this is the simplest type of metal panel railing system, there are still ways to customize it to fit your design.  Both of these railings are Fortress Fe26 Traditional railing systems.  The railing on the left features 2” x 2” posts with flat pyramid post caps and is in Antique Bronze.  On the right, this matte black railing is built with 3” x 3” posts and flat pyramid post caps and features a Ring Top top accent panel.

Deck Railings with Wood/Composite Posts and Metal Railing Panels

Deck railing with wood posts, metal panels, and lighted post caps

Both of these railings use Fortress Fe26 Traditional railing panels but were installed with non-metal posts.  The left-hand picture has 6” x 6” composite posts and a flush drink cap.  The post lights were installed on the sides and are Pikes Peak lights from HighPoint Deck Lighting.  In the photo on the right, we used 4” x 4” redwood posts to match the decking.  These posts feature Mt. Evans lighted post caps, also from HighPoint Deck Lighting. The wood posts will require maintenance; how often will depend on the type of stain you use.

Deck Railings with Wood/Composite Components and Metal Balusters

Redwood deck railing with horizontal, round, metal balusters in brushed steel
Wood deck railing with matte black Vienna Bow metal balkusters and stone columns.

These rails are made of wood or composite materials except for the balusters.  The railing on the left has 4” x 4” posts with a drink cap and round, brushed-steel horizontal balusters.  On the right is another railing with wood components and a drink cap, but the posts are installed on the outside of the deck.  The owners chose to use Vienna Bow style balusters in matte black.

Other Styles of Metal Deck Railings

Composite deck with a metal deck railing featuring vertical cables and a drink cap. The owners added a rug and dining area to the deck

This deck features a Fortress Fe26 V-series cable infill railing with vertical cables.  It is a matte black color with flat pyramid post caps and a drink cap in Deckorators Vista Ironwood.    

Composite deck with a custom designed metal railing featuring horizontal stainless steel cables.

We installed this custom railing for the customers. It features black metal components with horizontal stainless-steel cables, creating a clean, modern look.

Elevated redwood deck that has a wood railing with Wild Hog metal grid panels installed.

These customers wanted a rustic look, so they installed a deck railing with redwood components, 4” x 4” posts, and a drink cap with Wild Hog metal grid panels.

Redwood deck with a white, aluminum deck railing. There is a plastic flamingo ornament in the foreground.

Aluminum railings are becoming more popular because of their durability. These customers installed a Fortress AL13 railing in white with 3” x 3” posts and flat pyramid post caps.

A composite deck and custom designed wrought iron railing. The deck has a beautiful view overlooking Colorado Springs.

Another option is a custom-designed and built wrought iron railing like this one. These homeowners designed this railing, and we worked with a local wrought iron company that created the design in a powder-coated wrought iron, which we anchored using specialty-designed stucco columns.

If you go to our Metal Deck Railings page,, you can see all the different ways to customize your deck railing.  Please call if you have any questions regarding your decking and railing options or would like more information – 719-440-6966.