Creating a Unique Look with a Two-Tone Deck

By April 16, 2024 May 9th, 2024 Custom Decks, Deck Material, Deck Upgrade, New Deck
Redwood deck with herringbone design and double picture frame border and dividing boards in a darker contrasting color

Creating a Unique Look with a Two-Tone Deck

Are you looking to build a deck that reflects your personality, creates contrast, and is visually attractive? Building a two-tone deck will accomplish all these things and elevate your outdoor living space.  Not only will a two-toned deck stand out in your neighborhood, but it can enhance curb appeal and possibly property values. And you can create a beautiful color scheme using either wood or composite materials.

However, there are three essentials to consider in terms of aesthetics.

Customize Your Deck Layout and Design

There are many ways to incorporate two colors into your deck design. You will need to decide what you want to use for the dominant color and then choose the accent color. Do you want to do a full picture frame border? You can also install end boards and/or divider boards in the secondary color to create a more finished look and add the two-tone design element you desire.

Ensure the Deck Complements Your House

When choosing decking colors, everyone will choose colors that complement the main house. But you should also take into consideration the colors of any shingles, brick, stucco, and trimmings, such as shutters or doors. Selecting a primary color that complements the house and a secondary color that complements the trimmings, brick, etc., can offer a striking contrast that harmonizes beautifully with your whole home.

Select a Complementary Deck Railing System

Quite a few companies manufacture deck railings, each with various styles, materials, and colors available. Depending on your budget, you can choose the basic metal panel railing system, or if you would like something different, some railings feature horizontal or vertical stainless-steel cables, glass panels, or panels that feature designs. (Visit our Metal Railings and Custom Railings pages to see the numerous options available – and

When selecting your colors, the first decision to be made is whether you wish to go with a tonal effect (similar colors) or a sharper contrast. You also need to decide where to use the second color. You can create a full picture frame on the deck, only use end and/or divider boards, or build a striking staircase by using a contrasting color on the step risers. Below are some pictures of work we have done over the years showing the different ways to use composite decking or stain to create a beautiful two-tone deck.

Deck stairs that were built using a light gray for the step tread and a dark grey for the risers, creating a beautiful contrast.

These homeowners chose to use Deckorators Voyage Tundra for their main decking color.  The contrasting color is Deckorators Dark Slate.  Using Tundra for the step treads and Dark Slate on the stair riser creates this striking staircase.

Picture of a composite deck that shows a picture frame border in a darker color for contrast

We built this deck using Deckorators Voyage Costa for the decking and divider board.  The owners chose to use Deckorators Voyage Sierra for a single board picture frame.

Close up picture of a composite deck built with light brown decking and a double picture frame border in a darker brown,

Our customers wanted to create a two-tone deck, but wanted to go with a tonal design, rather than contrasting colors.  For the main decking, we installed TimberTech Antique Leather, and the double picture frame is TimberTech Dark Roast.

Wood deck that features a custom built bench for seating.
Redwood deck with a double picture frame border in a darker stain. It also features a custom designed wrought iron railing.

These two decks were built using redwood, but the owners still wanted to create a unique look using two different stains.  The main colors are a semi-transparent stain, while the secondary colors are done in a solid-body stain.

If you are considering building a new deck and would like to create a unique outdoor living space, designing a deck using two colors is one of the customization options that you can utilize.  For information on creating your dream deck, contact Decks by Schmillen at 719-440-6966!