Preparing for Your Deck Design Consultation

By March 26, 2024 April 2nd, 2024 Custom Decks, Deck Design, New Deck
Two men in a backyard discussing how to add a new deck and pergola to the house.

 Preparing for Your Deck Design Consultation

Ok, you’ve been thinking about building the outdoor living space you have dreamed of for years. Whether you already have the exact design ready to be implemented or aren’t quite sure what you would like to build, Decks by Schmillen is here to help! This article will discuss ways to prepare for the consultation you will have before beginning your project. Being prepared saves both you and the contractor time, and it will make it easier for our team to provide you with an estimate for what you truly want.

Assess Your Needs

This is a crucial step in designing your outdoor living space. You need to consider how you plan on using the space, how much room you have available, how often you plan on utilizing the new space, whether you will be doing much entertaining, etc. This is also the time to begin thinking about your desired style, materials, and features you wish to incorporate (such as an outdoor kitchen or fireplace).

Gather Ideas / Consider the Aesthetics

During the planning stages, look for deck designs, styles, and layouts that resonate with your vision. Also, look at the different types of materials, textures, and features. For example, if you wish to build a deck with a sleek, modern look, you might want to consider using a steel or aluminum railing instead of composite or wood components. Creating lists for your Must-Haves and Wants is a good idea when preparing for your design consultation. Working together, we can develop the perfect outdoor living space you are looking for.  We will be posting a blog discussing deck design in more depth.

Set a budget

It is vital that you let your contractor know what your budget will be. Knowing your budget, must-haves, and wants will allow us to put together a design and estimate that can provide you with the best solution. We aim to help clients find solutions that achieve their priorities while considering their planned investment in the project and making the final product and investment worthwhile. Many homeowners are hesitant to share their budget at the beginning stages of the process. However, sharing your budget upfront is vital in designing and building your dream space. If your vision includes several high-end materials and features, but your budget will only accommodate some things, we can walk you through the process of selecting materials that will meet your budget.

Completing Our Worksheet

The more information we have before the consultation, the better prepared we are, and the time will be utilized efficiently. The worksheet is designed to walk you through each stage of the deck build while choosing the best design and materials you like. For example, you may have a railing with stainless steel cables in mind.  But there are a few different types of this railing available. Our website can help you determine your desired look for your new deck. You may like the materials on one deck but the color on another, and you love the stairs from yet another. We can design your deck with the styles you prefer to create the perfect design that will fit your style and space.

Building your custom outdoor living space is a big investment and isn’t something that can, or should, be completed in a single day. We are here to help you create the space of your dreams! Our team will happily walk you through every step of the process, explain the options available, and give you the most for your budget.


My next blog will discuss the different ideas and options involved in  designing a custom deck.   Our entire team, office and crew, are here to help you design the perfect custom deck you can love and utilize to its fullest extent.

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